bicycle chain links formed to look like a bike

These are links that we use on a regular basis, gathered on one page for your benefit.

You will find places to ride, links on how to fix your bike, forums on specific bike questions, and other general bike stuff.

Bike Path Sites

  • Rails To Trails:  Ohio is home to some great trails thanks to the old railways.
  • ODOT:  Not just for automobiles, they have a nice simplified Ohio map of larger bike paths.  And you can get a free fold-able copy.
  • Ohio Bikeways:  Similar to ODOT, but with interactive trail map powered by Google Maps, and more specific information on regional Ohio bike trails.

Local Bike Rides

  • Ohio Bike Calendar:  Yearly published calendar many local rides (races and tours) all over Ohio and bordering states.
  • Tours Near The Shop: List of some of our favorite local tour rides.  Most revolve around local festivals for after ride eating / site seeing.

Bike Review Websites

Bike Question Forums

  • Stack Exchange: Only Questions and only Answers.  No Opinions Allowed.  Heavily Moderated.
  • Bike Forums: Slightly less moderated, so more opinions, but still a good place for specific answers to specific problems.

Bicycle Repair Sites

  • Sheldon Brown: Guru of all things bike.  Relevant information on the many bike topics. It can be tricky to navigate at times, I recommend the Google search tab on his page.
  • Art's Cyclery: Professional shop posting MANY videos on youtube on bike repair.
  • Park Tool: They have instructions and videos on how to use their tools and how to repair many items on your bike!
  • BIKEMANFORU: This guy has a decent collection of bike repair videos on youtube and a crazy hairdo to accompany them. 
  • Shyflirt1: A youtube do-it-yourselfer with many videos on bike repair, as well as car/house/etc.  He has some good tips on homemade tools if you don't want to spend alot of $$$.